List Rechtsanwälte GmbH is an ideal business partner given our solution-focused approach and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. Not only does List Rechtsanwälte GmbH offer general legal consulting services, but we can also advise you on:

Civil Law, especially:

Tort Law/Compensation and Guarantee Law
Contract Law
Neighbour Law

Law of Tenancy
Inheritance Law
Labour and Employment Law
Family Law
Commercial Law (Competition Law / State Aid Law)
Outsourcing of Services
Film Rights

Administrative law:

Environmental Law
Waste Management Law
Water Law
Dangerous Goods Legislation
Nature Protection Law
Forest Law
Enviromental Impact Assessment
REACH Regulation
Plant Consolidation
Communal Law
Trade Law
Building Law
Employee Safety Law
ood Law
Nationality Law
Road Traffic Law
Public Procurement Law
Electoral Law
Agricultural Law
Hunting and Weapons Law
School and University Law
Medicine and Drug Law
Data Protection Law
Telecommunications Law
Tobacco Law

Constitutional law, in particular:

Judicial Review
Infringement of Ownership
Verification of Credentials
Violation of Human Rights

Penal law, especially:

Environmental Penal Law and Company Penal Law
Legal Consequences of Accidents at Work
European Law
hurch Law


List Rechtsanwälte GmbH can also advise you on:

Hungarian law
Bulgarian law